Municipal Wastewater Treatment

With over 30 years of experience in developing wastewater treatment solutions, DMB is the perfect choice for your wastewater management product needs.   DMB provides end-to-service with everything from product selection, implementation consulting and overall process planning.

DMB offers service in Iowa, Western Illinois and Nebraska.

Equipment Types

  • Sludge Controllers
  • Level and Pressure Transducers
  • Portable and Fixed Refrigerated Vacuum Water Samplers
  • Oil In Water Analyzers
  • Magnetic and Mass Flowmeters
  • Guide Wave Radar Level Monitors
  • Sensor Transmitters (Level, Flow, Pressure, Humidity and Temperature)
  • Chemical Injection Systems
  • Smooth Flow Pumps
  • Sluice Gate Valves
  • Telescopic Valves
  • Pressure Relief Valves
  • Pressure Reducing Valves
  • pH/ORP, Conductivity, DO sensors and analyzers
  • COD/TOC Monitoring
  • Managed SCADA Systems and Monitoring Systems (with cellular data networks, centralized servers and web based control software)

Interested in how DMB can help your organization find the right products for your wastewater needs?   Call (309) 798-9715 today, to speak with a consultant immediately and learn we can help processes become efficient and cost effective.

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